Mage RS

Made popular by one of the most recognized goalies in the game!

Designed and developed by SPORTMASK the MAGE-RS is the perfect alternative to the standard goalie mask. With the input of NHL goalie Tim Thomas, the Mage-RS was designed specifically for goalies who find masks restrictive and awkward especially blocking downward vision. We asked Tim what he wanted in a design and he said

I want the open feel of a players helmet and cage, with the protection of the modern day mask ...
and that is exactly what we did.

One of the key features of the the Mage-RS is the oversized face opening, this huge window allows for improved air flow, better sight-lines and produces a very wide open feel. Although the Mage-RS feels more open than a mask, SPORTMASK ensured that the Mage-RS keeps goalies protected.

The Mage-RS offers the same level of protection as our masks because it is made with the same high quality fiberglass, high-impact absorbing padding and stainless steel cage. The solid one piece fibreglass shell and high tensile cage channel energy away from impacts. The new chin cup can be adjusted by a clip fastener to prevent the Mage-RS from shifting. The strap buckles are grouped on the back plate to protect from detachment or breakage from impact.

If you like a very open helmet feel the Mage-RS is the model for you.

Mage RS Information

All Fiberglass shell
(no carbon fibre)

Sizes - Medium and Large
See our Mask Sizing section here.

Available cages - RS90 Cateye, Short Frame Cateye, Short Frame TT Cage
* * * This model is not CSA
or HECC certified * * *

Stock colours - Black / White (see dealer for custom colours and pricing)
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Are you having your Mage RS custom painted with your own design.
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