The Mage

We are bringing back the original Mage!

Designed and developed by SPORTMASK the original MAGE is the perfect alternative to the standard goalie mask. With the input of NHL goalie Tim Thomas, the Mage was designed specifically for goalies who find masks restrictive, especially blocking downward vision.

Improved air flow, better sight-lines and a wide open feel. Although the Mage feels more open than a mask, SPORTMASK ensured that the Mage keeps goalies protected.

The Mage offers the same level of protection as our masks because it is made with the same high quality fiberglass, high-impact absorbing padding and stainless steel cage. The solid one piece fibreglass shell and high tensile cage channel energy away from impacts.

Available with the Mage RS90 Long Cateye cage. This cage fits the Original Mage, Mage RS and Mage RS PRO models.

If you like a very open helmet feel the Mage is the model for you.

Now available through special order.

Mage Information

Sizes - Medium and Large 
See our Mask Sizing section here.

Available cages - RS90 Cateye Cage
* * * This model is not CSA
or HECC certified * * *

Stock colours - Black / White (see dealer for custom colours and pricing)
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