Custom Masks

Custom Masks. There seems to be quite a few companies making them these days. Most buy shells from the same manufacturer, mount the hardware they bought from some place else, stick a bunch of padding in it to fit somewhat closely and apply a “custom” paint job. The end result, after a lot of hype, is a custom mask….or is it? If the mask is not made to your head from ground up and does not offer you endless stylistic choices, then it is not custom, end of story.

SPORTMASK is set to change the way goaltenders view
a “custom mask.”

At SPORTMASK, the word custom holds quite a bit more meaning. It means we made it, not assembled it. It means everything about the mask is made by hand, one piece at a time, from ground up by a master craftsman.

To truly understand what makes a custom mask a custom, you have to start at the beginning. At SPORTMASK the beginning of every custom mask starts with a new face mould. Since every head is different, every mould must be built new from scratch. You can’t make a custom mask any other way.

The SPORTMASK Pro Custom is also about choices
for the discriminating goalie.

Choices like mask shape, forehead ridge style, chin style, vent hole shapes, chin length, shell depth, and cage style. Custom cage colours and plating are also available, including chrome, copper or even 24 karat gold. You see this is not just the same shell everyone else just custom paints. Choices are unlimited, and most importantly, the mask is a custom fit. If this is starting to sound different from what most companies call a custom mask, then you see the concept behind a Pro Custom mask.
The entire mask is built from scratch off your face mould. This is the beginning stage of the master mould

Geometric shapes are applied to the face mould and the process of the mask begins

At SPORTMASK, we are dedicated to
producing the finest masks in the world.

Hand made .. Completely custom

When you’re ready…
we hope to build a Pro Custom mask for you.