Pro Custom

The very best SPORTMASK has to offer

The Pro Custom is just that—a true custom

We don’t take an existing shell and pad it to your face. We take a mould of your head and create a new mask from your plaster head mould.

We combine superior grade carbon fibre with our very own ProGlass™ and we use a high performance specialty resin to bond the layers together. The resulting shell is ultra light, extremely stiff and designed to take abuse.

This mask is about quality…not quantity.

The Pro Custom is not mass produced. A perfect fit equals perfect performance and if you want a perfect fit it’s gotta be custom made.

The vent holes are precisely cut and the rough edges are hand-sanded—just like the face window and the outer perimeter of the mask. The Pro cages are TIG welded for maximum strength and individually mounted to the mask by hand. You’re head might be on crooked. The cage on your mask won’t be!

The PRO CUSTOM VM is specifically designed for professional goaltenders, high calibre hockey and those who demand perfection.

The SPORTMASK ProCustom is also about choices for the discriminating goalie.

Choices like mask shape, forehead ridge style, chin style, vent hole shapes, chin length, shell depth, and cage style. Custom cage colours and plating are also available including chrome, copper or even 24 karat gold.

The interior is finished to perfection. The exterior shell is hand-polished and buffed to a high gloss. Custom shell depth, chin length and backplate sizes are available if you need them. Custom means your mask the way you want it. No boundaries…..No questions asked. Want 2 horns on the top of your mask?….no problem…….it’s YOUR mask.

It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Example Pro Customs

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Pro Custom

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