Mage RS Professional Series Mask

This mask is specifically designed for professional goaltenders, high calibre hockey and those who demand perfection.

This is the exact setup used by Tim Thomas, a Vezina Trophy winner and one of the NHLs best Eastern Conference goalies.

Construction consists of the best woven composite material utilizing multiple layers of high quality fibreglass and carbon fibre bonded by a specially formulated resin. The resulting shell is ultra light, extremely stiff and designed to take abuse.

Mage RS Professional Series

A true high end mask built for demanding performance!

Mage RS Pro Series spec sheet

  • Based on the Tim Thomas Shell Shape
  • Modified Certified Style stainless cateye cage
  • Close fitting cage for better sightlines
  • Carbon Fibre composite shell construction
  • 2.4 lbs
  • Reinforced chin area
  • Pro Fit Backplate
  • 4 Point Elastic Harness

Sizing - Medium and Large
See our Mask Sizing section here.

Available cages - RS90 Cateye, Short Frame Cateye, Short Frame TT Cage

Stock colours - Black / White