With it’s softer flowing lines, this mask may appeal to goalies who prefer a “classic” shape.

The RAZOR mask is made with a blend of high tensile fibreglass/carbon fibre, made to withstand the abuse from high calibre hockey. Carbon Fibre adds tremendous stiffness to the shell resulting in an even higher level of protection.  Signature elliptical vent-holes perfectly cut and hand finished, smooth carbon fibre interior and high gloss exterior finish rank this model up with our higher end masks.

Razor Information

Sizes - Jr. / Small / Medium / Large
See our Mask Sizing section here.

Available cages - Certified / Flatbar Cateye / Singlebar Cateye / Cheater
Optional - Engraved centre bar (cateye only)
* * * Cateye and Cheater cages
are not CSA or HECC certified * * *

Stock colours - Black / White (see dealer for custom colours and pricing)
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Are you having your Razor custom painted with your own design.
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