Mask FAQs

Q - can I buy directly from SPORTMASK, and how much are your masks?

A - We do not sell direct, so you must go through a retailer. You can e-mail us for a quote on a Pro Custom mask.

Q - If a retailer does not have the model I want in stock, how long does it take to get a mask?

A - Depending on the time of season it could be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks for delivery time.

Q - If I order a mask, can I get extra vent holes?

A - Our retail masks come with a set number of vent holes as shown on our site. Additional vent holes can only be cut on non certifed models. This limits this custom option to professional models only. Additional charges will apply. Please check with your retailer.

Q - Can I get a mask painted in a solid red, blue, purple etc.?

A - We offer any colour under the sun. Additional charges may apply. Please check with your retailer.

Q - My local store does not carry SPORTMASK. Where can I buy one?

A - There is a full list of retailers on our website, all ship internationally on a daily basis. If you have difficulty please contact us

Q - How often should I change the interior padding?

A - To ensure maximum protection the padding should be replaced once per year.

Q - Is the mask covered under warranty if it breaks from a shot?

A - Warranty covers defective products only. If the mask is found to be defective after inspection by sportmask and is still within warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced

Q - What is the warranty period for a mask?

A - All masks come with a one year warranty from time of purchase. This warranty is valid to the original owner only (non transferable), proof of purchase must be provided at time of claim. Damage must be reported immediately after damage occurs

Q - Are cages supposed to dent? Are dented cages covered under warranty?

A - Denting plays a HUGE part in overall safety. Our logic, is to follow the same method used in the automotive industry and the "crumple zone." The crumple zone has become industry an standard for safety. The front end of the car is designed to crumple upon impact, absorbing the majority of the impact's energy. Even though the front end is demolished, you walk away with your life. We think that is a fair trade for something that can be replaced. The cage on a mask acts much like a crumple zone. Sure we can make cages that do not dent, however a cage that does not dent transfers energy straight back to the brain. We choose safety above and beyond anything else. Dented cages are not covered under warranty.
Always remember, the cost of replacing the cage is peanuts compared to the cost of replacing your head.

Q - I play in hockey in Canada and we have to wear CSA masks. Is the mask legal for University hockey? Is the Tim Thomas cage with the square, yet seemingly large eyeholes legal and CSA approved?

A - Under Canadian rules, any mask that is not CSA approved cannot be worn. Our CSA models are Razor/Ricochet and T3-X8. All others cannot be used in Canada under Canadian law. If there isn't a CSA sticker on the model direct from the factory then the mask cannot be used in Canada