Mask Videos

Testing and performance videos of our mask models.

Watch our Ricochet mask testing video below

We conduct real tests. We use a BONI puck machine and hit them with high velocity shots…relentlessly.

We found that our ProGlass™ (specially manufactured fibreglass commonly used in aerospace technology) passed all of our tests—hands down.
It’s strong and it’s lightweight to boot. With a shell weighing only 1.49 lbs/0.678 kg, this incredible material can more than handle the rigours of extremely high velocity pucks.

Video from our Salvation Army Mask Auction

A custom mask made by Tony Priolo and Greg Harrison with a
custom paintjob done by Sam Russo of MASK FX

We’re 100% confident our masks will perform
to even the highest standards

and we have the videos to back it up!
We believe in the old school of thought that “proof is in the pudding.”